about biss

Ballet in Small Spaces makes and presents ballet based work for small and unconventional spaces in response to its local environment.  As well as refining an understanding of balletic form and expression, it aims to reach out to a wider audience, tapping into local enthusiasm for dance through performances, classes and projects.  These draw in dancers at all stages of development from young students to mature professionals and contribute to a thriving dance culture in Oxford and the surrounding area.


In January 2004 Susie Crow was awarded an Arts Council England Research and Development Grant for the project Ballet in Small Spaces (BiSS).   Collaboration with members of Oxford Company of Musicians (OCM) resulted in the creation of Catch Your Breath, premiered at the Oxford dance platform “In the Mix” at Pegasus Theatre.  BiSS and OCM subsequently presented “Stravinsky in Miniature” at the Holywell Music Room in July 2004.  In January 2005 the St. Edward’s Arts Programme “Dance and Music Showcase” featured professional and student dancers and musicians in an evening of Susie Crow’s choreography to 20th century chamber music.  In January 2006 collaborative work in progress on Black Maria with composer Tom Armstrong and film maker Zara Waldeback was presented at the Pegasus.  2007 saw the revival of Susie Crow’s Long Hot Summer, for performances in Dancin’ Oxford, OxDox Documentary Film Festival and in London.

For activities from 2008 including The Solos Projects in 2008 and 2009, Experience Dante and Dante in the Chapel, DEC and Drawing Dance activities, and Inside Out and Commedia, go to our 'Projects' page for details.